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Get fertility help from Alethia Stanley, a medical assistant, at Atlantic Reproductive.

Alethia Stanley
Medical Assistant
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Candice Ortego is one staff member at Atlantic Reproductive who offers fertility help.

Candice Ortego, RN, BSN
IVF Nurse Coordinator
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Atlantic Reproductive lab manager David Wininger helps couples with their fertility.

David Wininger, Ph.D.
Lab Director
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Emily Dement helps couples with their fertility as a patient care coordinator at Atlantic Reproductive in Raleigh.

Emily Dement
Patient Care Coordinator
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Katie Bandy
RN IVF Coordinator
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Meghan Harris, RN, is one of the experienced fertility professionals helping people start and grow their families at Atlantic Reproductive.

Meghan Harris, RN
IVF Nurse Coordinator and 3rd Party Coordinator
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As the financial coordinator, Patricia (Patti) Borgmeyer helps people plan so they can pay for their fertility help.

Patricia (Patti) Borgmeyer
Financial Coordinator
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Embryologist Robin Arning is passionate about providing fertility help to people in Raleigh and beyond.

Robin Arning
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Shawn Breen is an Andrologist/ Junior Embryologist helping couples with their fertility.

Shawn Breen
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Atlantic Reproductive Practice Administrator Tina Manley is passionate about helping people with their fertility.

Tina Manley
Practice Administrator
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IVF Nurse Coordinator Tracy Coil helps people who seek fertility treatment at Atlantic Reproductive in Raleigh, NC.

Tracy Coil
IVF Nurse Coordinator
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Elaine Llorin
Financial Coordinator
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Lynn Haynes
Certified Medcial Assistant
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Jessie McMillan
Patient Care Coordinator
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Not pictured:

Angela Lovingood
Registered Nurse

Katherine Cambella
Patient Care Coordinator
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