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Robin Arning, Embryologist/Lab Manager

Get your embryo transfer pregnancy symptoms questions answered at Atlantic Reproductive with our full staff, including our embryologist.

Robin Arning is known as the “embryo whisperer” and brings years of IVF experience to Atlantic Reproductive.

Robin comes to Atlantic Reproductive with three decades of experience in the lab, 16 of which have been in IVF. She did her undergraduate at Elon University and UNC-Chapel Hill where she trained in Embryology. Robin hails from North Carolina, proudly quoting the familiar UNC Fight Song: “I’m a Tar Heel born, I’m a Tar Heel bred, and when I die I’ll be a Tar Heel dead.”

Robin loves the lab and calls it her Zen Zone where only happy, positive thoughts are allowed. Dr. Copland refers to her as the “embryo whisperer.”  With her extensive experience and knowledge, you can get all your embryo transfer pregnancy symptoms questions answered.

When asked what is most important to her about her work, she easily replies that it is assisting God with His miracles through IVF. Family is most important to Robin, and she personally relates to the desire, worry and sadness that patients experience in their path to creating their own. She considers herself to be the godmother of the embryos in the lab, and those who have worked with her affectionately refer to her as “eggspert”.

In her time outside of the lab, she enjoys movies, baking, sewing, gardening and chocolate, which along with her husband and her car (where she stashes the chocolate), she could never give up. When asked which songs would be on the soundtrack of her life, she replies: You Are My Sunshine; Life Is A Highway; Having My Baby; Happy; Love and Happiness and Ave Maria.